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PML Mega-Lift
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PML Mega-Lift
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Megayacht FlexLift Systems is a revolutionary docking platform

The Megayacht Flexlift Systems is a new, state of the art lifting system that may, one day, render expensive Synchrolifts® obsolete. Designed and patented by Penumbra Marine Logistics (PML), the FlexLift System is based on the same hydraulic powered rack and pinion lift mechanism used on jack-up oil rigs. This stable, proven lifting method is capable of lifting a phenomenal amount of weight: tens of thousands of tons. In essence, this dynamic new shipyard invention is a mobile Synchrolift®.

How does it work?

The PML lifting platform can be configured with four or six legs, depending upon its size and capacity, for use in any marina or shipyard. A rack and pinion lifting system literally picks the vessel up out of the water like a jack-up rig, with the legs resting on the bottom. The rack is on the legs and the pinion gear is driven by the hydraulic motors. Once brought onto station, the floodgates are left in the open position. The whole unit floods when lowered into the water and when lifting a vessel up, the water simply runs back out.

The normal position of the FlexLift, when not in use, is elevated out of the water. When the FlexLift is transported, the floodgates are closed so it acts as a barge. One leg can be lifted at a time for easy maintenance and repainting.

The FlexLift is equipped with computerized level sensors to automatically compensate for an unlevel bottom. The platform can be designed to load or offload from the sides or end to end, and can be covered like a tent for vessel maintenance or painting.

The FlexLift is safe, inexpensive, portable, and does not require the onerous permitting required by a Synchrolift® or its huge installation costs. There are no cables, pulleys, pilings, pumps, valves, or dirty bilge tanks to be pumped as with a dry-dock or platform lift. The FlexLift is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of lifting vessels in and out of the water.

Who builds the Mega-Yacht FlexLift?

Any shipyard can be licensed to build the Penumbra Marine Logistics' patented FlexLift at their facility. While Synchrolift® require extensive permitting, no permits are required for the FlexLift and since it is a mobile unit, no civil engineering approval is required.

The FlexLift can be custom designed and built to any size at a fraction of the cost of a Synchrolift®.

The FlexLift always remains a tangible asset. But the best part of the FlexLift is that if you want to move it to another part of your shipyard - you can. If you want to lease it to another yard or sell it - you can. It is transportable and unlike a permanent Synchrolift®, the FlexLift can be sold or relocated without dismantling it or selling your whole shipyard in the process.

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