About us


Penumbra Marine Logistics was founded in 2000 by Captain Craig Tafoya after his years of research, planning, overseeing construction, and captaining, the mega-yacht, LIMITLESS.  Craig moved ashore in 2001 after 15 years with the Limitless owner and started developing other projects for yacht owners.  The eight years of research that went into developing the Limitless project proved to be valuable for new projects as well as developing many that are now standards in the industry.  Many areas of research involved the integration of new technology into the marine industry as well as ways to cut costs.

Even though the yacht pioneered “first off” systems such as the Diesel-Electric AND/OR straight Diesel propulsion, which made her the first Hybrid yacht in the world, the first fully Integrated Bridge in the world, and more. She was built for less than a conventional 200′ yacht of her day, but Limitless was longer than a football field and cruised at 16-17 knots under “electric” propulsion and 23 knots under “diesel only” propulsion and, at one time, hit 27.5 knots under the combined, “diesel AND electric” propulsion mode.

The Limitless project started the Privately Owned, Mega-Yacht craze.  Peter Lurssen of “Lurssen Werft”, later renamed Lurssen Yachts, presented Craig with a signed book with the inscription, “Craig – Your Limitless project started us on many big yachts”  -Peter Lurssen.

LIMITLESS - 316' (96.25m) World's Largest US Flagged Yacht
as still an ICON in the industry with the same owner.

Although having the reputation for being a high-tech person, Craig, under the PML logo, had taken on yacht brokerage after spending a couple years at Fraser Yachts in Ft. Lauderdale.

Craig Tafoya and the  PML Team are up for any challenge a yacht may have or to commercially implement any of the “one off” systems that were place aboard Limitless two decades ago.

One spin-off idea was to find, or develop, a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) that would have a ZERO POLLUTION discharge.  Systems such as the one in Limitless were originally designed to legally discharging >9 tons of sewage daily into the sea. This always bothered Craig, so decades later, Craig found a company named Dragonfly that was building land-based units but experimenting in the marine field.   Craig re-designed the system and the owner of Dragonfly, Alfredo Teran, formed a new company named ACT2 Technologies that actually builds MSD’s that produce clear, bacteria and virus free discharge water (drinkable quality) for the marine industry.  The Tafoya family (WOSB) now own 100% of ACT2 with Craig as the COO.

Penumbra Marine Logistics was started to pursue other “fun” systems that Craig develops into other companies and/or patents.  Some systems are presented in this website.

Craig closed his facility in Ft. Lauderdale in 2016 and consolidated Penumbra Marine Logistics and ACT2 Technologies (www.ACT2Tech.org)  into one larger facility just a couple miles from the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida.