Yacht Lifts

The Yacht Lifts started when a well known yacht builder was bidding a project that was getting longer, larger, and far too heavy for his cranes.

A suggestion was made to the yard owner that he should purchase a large jack-up rig from an oil company and said we would send him some ideas.  In the meantime, PML researched the ability to launch vessels from a jack-up rig and found that it had not only NOT been done, I was able to patent the idea.  The Patents are in place to  cover the operation and construction of any such units in the USA.

The Yacht Lifts, just like the rigs in the oil field, are all computer controlled, self leveling, and secure in their positions.  The Yacht lift is mobile, unlike Syncrolift type units. The Yacht Lift is also stable while transiting from the lift to shore, unlike floating dry-docks. The Yacht Lift is also self lifting for maintenance or painting. Permitting is minimal if any.

The question always comes up about being the first one to own or operate a unit. Well, the oil companies lift small cities with the same technology and far more capacity than any yacht or ship.  YOU WILL NOT BE THE FIRST!

The lifts below were built after the US patent was in place but these units are built in Holland and cannot be used in or imported to the USA.